Diversity and Inclusion Power

We’re changing the way corporations and universities drive D&I.

Our Mission

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion and how essential it is to higher revenue growth and a 5.4 times higher employee retention. For that, we’re partnering up with corporations to bring a more diverse and inclusive environment to them through a full catalog of solutions by experts in the field of D&I. All in one place that’s customized to their needs and just a click away!

Diversity and Inclusion Power is also working with universities to bring D&I to their curricular and working with students and faculty to merge all the gaps. We’re on a mission to raise an unapologetically diverse and inclusive generation. D&I Power is there to empower students and guide their careers to feel the power of being their true self.


Diversity and Inclusion Power provides you with a full catalog of solutions to fit your corporation needs to drive D&I. Everything you need is just a click away.


We work to empower students to be who they are and feel their power doing so. D&I Power works with universities and students to raise a generation of BOLD diverse and inclusive talents.

You can now contribute to the success of founder and Diversity and Inclusion Power.